Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf 

(6-1/2" x 50", plus tassels)

by Sherrie E.  2007, All Rights Reserved 

Materials Needed: 
1 skein of Red Heart Worsted Weight Shocking Pink yarn
1 skein of Red Heart  Worsted Weight Pretty 'n Pink yarn
Size K crochet hook



Note:  You will be crocheting two separate scarf pieces and then will stitch the pieces together to make one scarf. 


Make 2 ( 1 with Shocking Pink yarn & 1 with Pretty 'n Pink yarn):

Row 1:  Chain 11.  Dc in third stitch from hook (counts as a dc).  Dc in each chain across.  (8dc)  Turn. 

Row 2:  Chain 2 (counts as a dc).  Dc in each dc across. (8dc)

Rows 3 - end of scarf:  Repeat Row 2 until scarf measures the length you want.  Scarf in photo is 50", not including length of tassels.



First, put the two pieces side-by-side.  Then, twist the two scarf pieces over and under each other once or twice.  You might want to safety pin the pieces in this formation until both pieces are stitched together.

Using the darker yarn, whip stitch the two pieces together. 

Weave in ends.



Cut 8" strands of yarns from both colors.  Pair up one strand of Shocking Pink yarn with one strand of Pretty 'n Pink yarn and to make a tassel.  You'll need 16 tassels for each end of the scarf.







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