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Skill level: Easy

Size:  Hat: approx. 2.5 high Scarf: approx 18 long


Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co., Inc. America's Best: Article 940 (Mercerized Perle Cotton, size 5 cabled):

          1 ball #1 White (Color A)

          1 ball #138 Mistletoe (Color B)


Set of four size 6 (4.25 mm) double-pointed needles (dpns)

Tapestry needle

One pom-pom (red or green)


Gauge: 18 sts & 28 rows = 4 in stockinette stitch on size 6 ndls.

Pattern notes:  Hat is worked in the round from lower rolled brim to top crown decreases. A pom-pom is sewn to the top for trim.

Scarf is made using the I-cord knitting technique (see Special Stitches).

Special Stitches:

I-cord: Knit across sts on needle, do not turn work. Slide these sts to right end of same needle. Pick up strand hanging at left side of work and pull it to the right behind the work.  Knit the same sts again. Repeat the same motions every row (after a few rows you will see the I-cord tube forming.)

Stitches/Terms: beginning (beg), bind off (BO), cast on (CO), decrease (dec), knit (k), knit two together (k2tog), needle (ndl), purl (p), repeat (rep), round (rnd), stitch (st)



Note: drop & pick up colors as instructed. Do not cut colors until directed to do so.

With dpns and Color A (White), CO 21, placing 7 sts on ea of 3 ndls.  Join for circular knitting, being careful that sts are not twisted.

Rnds 1-10: K. At end of Rnd 10, join Color B (Mistletoe) (drop Color A but do not cut it.)

Rnds 11-13: With Color B, k. At end of Rnd 13, drop Color B, pick up Color A.

Rnds 14-15: With Color A, k.  (At this point cut Color B, leaving 6 tail to weave in later.)

Begin crown decreases:

Rnd 16 (dec rnd): *K5, k2tog, rep from * around (18)

Rnd 17 (dec rnd): *K4, k2tog, rep from * around (15)

Rnd 18 (dec rnd): *K3, k2tog, rep from * around (12)

Rnd 19 (dec rnd): *K2, k2tog, rep from * around (9)

Cut yarn, leaving 6 tail. Run yarn through sts on ndl and gather top to close. Weave in all tails.

Finishing:  Sew pom-pom to top.  Roll up hat brim.



With Color B (Mistletoe), CO 4.  Work in I-cord technique (see Special Stitches above) until cord measures approx. 18 long.  Bind off. Cut yarn and weave tails inside I-cord tube.

Use hat & scarf to decorate bottles or little dolls or whatever you like!

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