2005 Designs by KN, designed by Kathy North.

Size: Adjustable pattern written for womens shoe size 9 (medium-large)


Two 200-yd. balls worsted weight yarn

Size 9 straight needles (for sole)

16 circular size 9 needle, or set of size 9 dpns (for slipper top)

Tapestry needle

Gauge: 3.5 sts = 1 with doubled yarn in stockinette stitch on size 9 needles

Stitches/Terms: bind off (BO), cast on (CO), decrease (dec), knit (K), knit two together (K2tog), place marker (pm), purl (P), slip slip knit (ssk), stitch (st), stockinette stitch (st st)

NOTE: Slipper is made with double strand of yarn. Sole is made first by knitting in garter stitch rows back and forth, then stitches are picked up onto circular or double-pointed needles and worked in stockinette stitch rounds to form slipper top.


With double strand of yarn, cast on 9. Work in garter stitch (knit every row) until sole measures desired length of foot from heel to toe (62 rows for womans shoe size 9). Do not fasten off. Mark center stitch at each end of sole. One end of sole is the heel end, other end is the toe end.

With circular needle or dpns, knit across 9, pick up one stitch between each ridge evenly along side of sole, knit 9 across other end of sole, then pick up one stitch between each ridge evenly along other side of sole, being sure to have same number of stitches on sides of sole. Join and place marker to note beginning of round.

Slipper Top

Rnd 1 (decrease round): Knit to 2 sts before first marked center stitch (this will be the toe end), ssk, K1, K2tog (this begins toe shaping), knit along side of sole until you reach the 9 sts at heel end of sole, work heel decreases thus: ssk, K5, K2tog, knit along other side of sole to beginning of round.

Rnd 2: Knit around.

Rnd 3: Repeat Rnd 1, except at heel end work ssk, K3, K2tog.

Rnd 4: Knit around.

Rnd 5: Rep Rnd 1, except at heel end work ssk, K1, K2tog.

Rnd 6: Knit around

Rnd 7: Repeat Rnd 1, omitting heel decreases only. Decreases are worked only at toe end from now on.

Rnd 8: Knit around.

Rnd 9: Rep Rnd 1, omitting heel decreases.

Rnd 10: Knit around, ending with an even number of stitches (decrease 1 st if necessary to arrive at an even number).

Begin ribbed edging:

Rnd 1: K1, P1 around.

Rnd 2: K1, P1 to 2 sts before center st of toe, ssk, K1, K2tog, then continue in K1, P1 around.

Rnds 3 & 4: Repeat Rnd 2.

Rnd 5: Bind off loosely in K1, P1 rib.


Copyright 2005 Designs by KN

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