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Skill Level: Easy-Intermediate

Size:  Approx. 32" x 38" (after blocking)


 For one-color blanket:  750 yds. worsted wt. yarn*

For 3-color blanket:      250 yds. ea. of 3 different colors worsted wt. yarn**

 Size 13 (9.0  mm) circular needle (24” to 29” length)

Stitch markers

Row counter

Tapestry needle

Gauge:   5 sts = 1" in seed stitch with worsted wt. on size 13 needle

              1 feather & fan pattern repeat = 6”

Yarn notes:

*Worsted wt. yarns vary. Sample was knit with TLC Baby Amore on size 13 needles which yielded a more loose-knit, draping fabric. If you prefer a tighter knit, try using smaller needles (size 10 or 11) but be advised that it will produce an overall smaller size blanket and may use more yarn.

**3-color blanket sample knit in TLC Baby Amore (286 yds/262 m. per 5 oz./140 g. ball):

Color A: Aqua – 1 ball

Color B: Rose – 1 ball

Color C: White – 1 ball

Stitches/Terms:  bind off (BO), cast on (CO), knit (k), knit two together (k2tog), pattern (patt), place marker (pm), purl (p), repeat (rep), stitch (st), yarn over (yo)

Pattern notes:

 Use markers to keep 5 seed sts at each edge separate from body pattern.

 Slip markers each row

 Use a row counter to help keep track of pattern rows.

 Solid color ‘ridged’ variation is made according to pattern instructions below. (See photo 01, above.)

Three-color ‘unridged’ variation was made by purling every other row and omitting the knit rows (Rows 4 & 5) that form the ridges.  For this version, repeat only Rows 3 and 2, changing color every 2 rows. (See photo 02, above.)

Important!  If working the 3-color version: When changing colors every 2 rows, do not cut yarn but carry it very loosely up the side of the work.  Drop old color to front and pick up new color from below and behind, leaving enough “play” in the new strand to reach up to the row you will be working next so as not to pucker or tighten up the sides.

Special stitches:

Seed stitch side borders (worked over 5 sts):

Row 1:  K1, p1, k1, p1, k1.

Rep Row 1 (that is, knit the purls and purl the knits as they face you) to form seed stitch.


For one-color blanket: Cast on 100 sts LOOSELY.  Continue in pattern as written.

 For 3-color blanket: With Color A, cast on 100 sts LOOSELY. Continue in pattern as written, changing color every 2 rows in stripe sequence of 2 rows Col A, 2 rows Col B, 2 rows Col C. Finish blanket with 2 rows Col A.

Knit 2 rows.

 Begin pattern:

 Row 1(RS): K1, p1, k1, p1, k1 (seed st border established), pm, k90, pm, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1 (seed st border established).

 Row 2 (WS): Seed st 5, sl marker, p90, sl marker, seed st 5.

 Row 3(RS)(begin feather & fan pattern): Seed st 5, sl marker, *(k2tog)3 times, (yo, k1)6 times, (k2tog)3 times, rep from * to second marker, sl marker, seed st 5.

 Row 4(WS): Seed st 5, sl marker, k90, sl marker, seed st 5.

 Row 5(RS): Seed st 5, sl marker, k90, sl marker, seed st 5.

 Rep Rows 2-5 until blanket measures approx. 38”, or desired length.

 Knit 2 rows. Bind off LOOSELY and weave in tails.

 Block blanket by gently dampening it, then spread it out on dry towels, shaping and stretching to open up the lace pattern. Cover with more towels and leave to dry.

Copyright 2009 – Designs by KN

For personal or charity use only. Do not reproduce pattern for commercial purposes.


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